Cash for Cars Menifee is made up of everyday people just like you

Everyone has something they are good at. Usually, that is something they choose to do as a career or as a hobby. For you, selling cars may not be your specialty - you do something else. Maybe you are a business person. Maybe you are a stay-at-home parent. Maybe you are an avid volunteer. Perhaps you are someone who enjoys adventure and spends your spare time looking for new thrills. We buy cars. That is what we do. We buy your car and find it the right home. It is what we are good at. For us, buying and selling cars began as a hobby. It was something we each did on the side while working other jobs. We didn't hate our other jobs, but we did find a thrill in locating the right home for the right vehicle. We wanted to be able to do what we loved on a full-time basis. What better way than to extend our services to people who didn't have the same passion as us? We decided that the best way to use our passion and skills was to buy cars from people who did not know how to sell their own cars or who simply did not want to be bothered with the hassle. That way, we were able to make lives easier and find the right home for the right vehicle. It worked out as a win-win situation for us and for our customers.


Our philosophy is that selling your car should be easy. You have enough jobs to do in your life. Whether they are jobs you get paid to do, or jobs you do at home, or jobs you do out of the kindness of your heart. Everyone has bills to pay. Some people have families to take care of. Everyone has themselves to take care of. There is always laundry to be done, kids to drive around, work deadlines to meet, meetings and appointments to attend, and groceries to buy. We know that you have enough things to worry about - you don't need to be worried about selling your car on top of it.

Convenience is key at Cash for Cars Menifee. We want to make your car-selling experience as convenient as possible. You shouldn't have to worry about figuring out the value of your car on today's market. You shouldn't have to worry about finding the right buyer. You shouldn't have to worry about marketing your car to make it appealing to potential buyers. You shouldn't have to worry about fixing your car if something is broken. Our job is to take all of those worries and hassles away. Our job is to make selling your car easier, and faster. We want you to be able to think about your car, contact us, and get your car off your hands and out of your mind as quickly and easily as possible.