Are you worried that we may not buy your vehicle? Have you spoken with similar companies who would only buy specific kinds of vehicles? Worry not. We will buy any kind of vehicle.We will buy any type, any make, any model, in any condition. We will even buy custom cars, and we will take that lemon off your hands.



We will buy your family-friendly sedan. We will buy your Sport Utility Vehicle. We will buy your four-wheel-drive truck, your long-cab truck, your short-cab truck. We will buy your sports car. We will buy your classic automobile. We will buy your soccer-mom-friendly van. We know we are called "Cash for Cars Menifee" but we will still buy your motorcycle, or your limousine.



When it comes to the vehicles we buy, we are not picky and we refuse no make or manufacturer. You may have heard of some companies who will only buy American-made vehicles, or only those made by Ford, or Chevrolet, or Dodge, etc. We are not that kind of company. We will buy any made of vehicle, no matter how common or how rare; no matter in which country they are made. If you have a vehicle you are looking to sell, we will buy it.



Do you think that your car is the worst, the ugliest, the most cliché model that was ever made by its manufacturer? Is your model the one everyone laughs at and makes jokes about? Don't worry. We will still buy it. As we've said before, we aren't picky. If you have a vehicle to sell, we will buy it, because we buy cars.


Has your car seen better days? Do you hang your head a little lower when you think about the state of your vehicle? Have you let it rust? Have you let it sit in your backyard and watched as the weeds began to grow inside of it? Has your car been in an accident? Are you worried that the condition of your car will stop someone from buying it? It won't stop us. We buy cars in any condition.


Do you own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece? Was the body of your vehicle hand-crafted? Did you spend a fortune on your paint job? Has the engine been upgraded for peak performance? Was your car one on a very short list of concept cars created? Are you concerned that your carappeals to a very small market because of how unique it is? Don't be worried. We understand that some vehicles require special homes and special owners. We will buy your custom vehicle so that you do not need to worry about finding that special fit.


We've all heard the saying: You can't make lemonades without lemons. We believe that every car has value, even a lemon. Tired of trying to find what's wrong with your car? Sick of visiting the mechanic and troubleshooting for all those problems your car seems to have? Let us take that worry off your hands. If your make and model of vehicle is known for having problems, it's natural to be worried that selling it will be difficult. It won't be difficult if you call us. We will buy your vehicle, even if it has had multiple recalls on its parts. We will buy your lemon!


To sum everything up neatly, we will buy your car. Want to challenge us? Think you have a car that we absolutely will not buy? Give us a call. We are excited to see what you have for us. We don't care if your car seems unsellable because it is rare, old, used, beaten up, wrecked, full of problems, or customized. We will buy your car.